Commercial Refrigeration

Concentrate on your business. We will take care of the freshness of your food and beverage. Small store or large supermarket, we understand our business better than anyone else and we stay cool when it comes to serve.


Your Food will last longer with TFS Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Choose TFS solutions to keep your food fresh. Our display cases are developed with the highest and most innovative technologies to keep our food longer tasty, meet energy efficiency, without compromising the price competitiveness thanks to our location Tunisia.

We have all what small stores and large supermarkets request.

You are a small store willing to buy refrigeration components? You are a large supermarket asking for reliable products or you want to decrease your energy costs? Visit TFS or contact us! Our efficient systems are available in a wide variety including:

  • Refrigerated multidecks and semi-verticals
  • Wall-sited cases and islands
  • Vertical freezers
  • Plug-in cabinets
  • Refrigeration systems and controls

Performance Meets Efficiency

Our Customers take product performance and efficiency as an evidence. TFS plans your solution with you and provides you with the best and efficient systems for your needs. We guarantee that our solutions satisfy your needs and optimize your electricity bills.

Our cabinet accessories including remote monitoring services and our extremely fast reaction time for troubleshooting and maintenance in warranty or after customer agreements will decrease the downtime and let you concentrate on your business.

We are Environmentally friendly.

We care about the environment and want to reduce CO2 Emissions. TFS also uses natural refrigerants such as CO2 and R290 (propane) in our commercial refrigeration solutions.